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Accounting and Finance officer
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Name:- Satish K. Mawaskar

Designation: In-Charge Accountant

Qualification: B.A, C.Lib.

Date of  Joining: 17/07/2008

Email ID:

Phone No: 9423608862


Powers and Duties

1) With the consent of CDC and Principal account officer          manages all expenditure.

2) Account Officer Maintains day to day ledger & cash book     of expenditure

3) Account officer has to do the annual audit of receipts &        payments through the appointed chartered accountant by       college

Purchase Committee
Dr. Vijaykumar Gawai
Shri. Pradeep D. Bhise
(CDC Member)
Shri. S. K. Mawaskar
(I/c-Accounting Officer)
Working Mechanism

1) All HOD's has to submit their annual     requirements of     respective departments to the Principal.


2) Then Principal has to put all these requirements before        the purchase committee for sanction.


3) As the sanction the purchasing shall be done

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