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Department of Physical Education 

About Department.

Department of physical education is the department that oversees the physical development of Students at the College level, Inter College, Inter University Level, National, International level. It develops warrior leaders of characters who are physically and mentally competent by engaging students in activities that promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness movement behavior and psycho motor performance. Physical education improves and develop good students character and self-esteem. By doing such regular physical activities. Students will be able to enhance their leadership qualities, team spirits, and become confident in making decision.  Physical Education Department gives  endurance, strength. Balance power, flexibility, speed, coordination and agility. As there are important aspect for good performance in different games and sports  in day to day life. The regular physical activities are taken in our college morning and evening. 

News & Announcements.

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Glimpses of Physical Education Department

Departmental Activities.

The Department organises many activities, competitions and programs to create interest in students about Sports and Games. Like running, jumping, throwing event, game and sports likes Volleyballs, kabaddi, kho-kho, weight lifting, Athletics and Boxing are taken regularly in colleges.

Few events are taken on specified date like international   yoga day on 21 June for physical fitness.  yoga certificates courses is taken for 30 days and to admire all attendee Yoga Course Certificates are given to all. Sports week is also celebrated every year.


Every Year the Department encourages students for to play sports at different tournaments.

1) Ram Savalkar Achieved Gold medal in Kabaddi Tournament held by INDO Nepal Specific Sports Association International Championship. 

2) Mungilal K. Bethekar Achieved Gold Medal in Youth Games National Golden Cup-2022 

3) Parvati Kasdekar Achieved Silver medal in Inter University Athletics Discuss Through Competition.

Teaching Faculties 

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Dr. Pradeep  H. Shende
Director Physical Education Department
(M. Ped. SET, Ph.D)
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