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Department of Botany

About Department.

The Department of Botany offers Undergraduate teaching and Ph.D. Programmes.. More than 200 students are admitted to the B. Sc. I, II, and III Year Classes. At the moment, two scholars are engaged doctoral research. The Department now has 02 laboratories for B. Sc. and Research, as well as a museum, glass house, and herbarium. It also has a photographic section, a Departmental library, and a botanical garden. 

News & Announcements.

1) The Announcement and event notice will be displayed here

Departmental Activities.

The Department has held a total of one day of Webinars, botanical excursions and plantations.

The department collaborated with the forest department on plantation.


Glimpses of Botany Department

Teaching Faculties 

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Dr. Nitin A. Khandare 
Asst. Professor & HOD
(M.Sc., Ph.D.)
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Mr. P. S. Jambekar 
Assistant Professor (CHB)
(M.Sc. NET, SET)

The department have organises following activities for the betterment of students.

1) Guest Lecture 

2) Seminars 

3) Various competitions through the botanical association

Non-Teaching Staff 

Mr. Satish Mawaskar
(Laboratory Assistant)
Miss. Jyoti M. Metkar
(Laboratory Attendent)
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Mr. G. P. Mavaskar 
Assistant Professor (CHB)
(M.Sc. SET)
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Dr. Purnima D. Malviya 
Assistant Professor (CHB)
(M.Sc., Ph.D.)
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