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Library Membership

The following classes of person shall be entitled to borrow books from the college library.

  1. Sr. College Students

  2. Jr. College Students

  3. Sr. College Faculty

  4. Jr. College Faculty

  5. CHB Faculty

  6. Non-Teaching Staff Sr. & Jr. College

  7. H.S.C.V. Teachers

  8. Ex. Students

Terms and Conditions of Membership
  • The duration of membership shall be for one year and shall have to be renewed every year.

  • Any change of address during the validity of the membership should be notified in writing by the member to the librarian.

  • In case of loss of BT the library will make a duplicate one available on filling up of a prescribed form and payment of a fee (currently Rs.20/- for each BT).

  • The expiry of membership is up to the clearance. For renewal give application in prescribed form

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