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Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is the flagship program of Ministry of Human Resource and development with the intention to enrich rural India. It also aims to create a vibrant relationship between the society and the higher educational institute with the latter providing the knowledge and technology support to improve the livelihoods in rural areas and to upgrade the capabilities of both the public and private organizationsin the society. Institutes through their faculty and students will carry out studies of living conditions in the adopted village assess the local problem and needs.

The HEI has adopted five villages named Rani Tamboli, Shirpur, Kusumkot (Bk) Talai and Dahenda in Melghat. In order to find out the problems in these villages. the HEI conducted a village survey and household survey. After the survey, the HEI conducted awareness campaign in the above-mentioned villages.

       In this programthe HEI conducted plastic free campaign. Students, along with faculty members actually distributed the cloth bags to villagers and taken back plastic bags from their home, so that they will be motivated to use the cloth bags, due to which we can take a step forward regarding removal of plastic garbage. Along with the distribution of cloth bags students gave slogans regarding more use of cloth bags instead of plastic bags. The villagers co-operated us during the campaigning and supported us for such a great initiative.

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